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Why? Relaxation right from the beginning!

You know that. Arriving on the camping pitch after hours on road you just want to settle quickly. Of course you have to level your motorhome. So let the show begin! With the spirit level you estimate how much correction you need, then you try with different leveling ramps and blocks under different wheels again and again until your RV is level. Of course this is repetitive and more or less trial and error.

You are in the 21st century and you have all the rights to impress your pitch neighbor. With „Motorhome Level“ you know instantly how high the blocks have to be for every wheel. In a sweep you’re done and the relaxation begins!

How? With the Motorhome Level App!

See how it works

Register your settings once

Register once wheel track and base of your motorhome (whether in imperial or metrical units). Calibrate the sensors of your smartphone by putting it on a (really!) horizontal surface and click on „calibrate“.

And you are done. Most easily you can do all this already at home!

Screenshot of the app settings

... level repeatedly!

Place your smartphone on a „supposed to be“ horizontal surface (e.g. the table), top of the phone facing to the front of your RV.
The app shows automatically which block belongs under which wheel. And the result is even given acoustically. So the indications are given while you are in the driving seat!

Screenshot of app levelling

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